Loom & Leaf vs Tuft & Needle va Tempurpedic: Luxury Mattresses Compared
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Loom & Leaf vs Tuft & Needle va Tempurpedic: Luxury Mattresses Compared

Loom & Leaf has eco-friendly mattresses with organic thistle for flame retardant that will appeal to the eco-conscious. Tuft & Needle has the longest trial available at 100 days for those who need a lot of time to test out how they sleep. Tempurpedic has some of the most high-end mattresses with special features like anti-microbial treatment.
Covered in this report
Loom & Leaf — Best Features
The top layer of foam for the mattress is actually plant-based.
Mattress flame retardant is actually made of a fully organic natural thistle.
Best for: Those looking for a more eco-friendly luxury mattress.
Tuft & Needle — Best Features
100-night trial for a mattress to see if you sleep well in it.
Tactel fabric in the mattresses for more softness and drying ability.
Best for: Those who like to get as long of a trial for their mattress as possible.
Tempurpedic — Best Features
15-year limited warranty available for some mattresses.
Anti-microbial treatment for mattresses help to repel dust mites.
Best for: Those looking for high-end mattresses for help with allergies or other serious impairments to sleeping.

Sleeping has a huge effect on your day, so it makes sense to put some effort into a luxury mattress that will get you enough sleep to receive the benefits from it. Here are a few luxury mattress options for you to choose from, including a comparison of what each has to offer.

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf mattresses have a lot of eco-friendly alternatives for things that are commonly done in a more potentially chemically dangerous way.The mattresses at the site also emphasize using medical-grade gel to offer strong spinal support as well as cooling options that encourage circulation.


  • 75 Day Home Trial-Loom & Leaf lets you try out your mattress for a full 75-days before your committed to it. The site promises that you won’t be penalized by any fees at all including pick-up or restock fees. You do have to pay the original shipping fee, though.
  • Organic Cotton Covering-The covering for the mattress is made of organic cotton, and the flame-retardant used in it is actually natural thistle instead of the strong chemicals that are often used for this instead.
  • Plant-based Foam-The top foam level of the mattress is actually plant-based for a more eco-friendly approach.
  • Ultra-Premium Memory Foam-The main mattress uses 5 pounds of memory foam with a high-density base. The site uses the expression “deep contouring support” which basically means that there’s a lot of memory foam so it will fit your body like a glove.


Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle claims that they have the “highest rated mattress in the world,” though this is a bit hard to measure. It is true that they get high ratings on various sites such as Amazon and Sleepopolis, however. The mattress is conductive which helps to transfer heat out of the body.


  • Tactel Fabric-This material is known for being soft, lightweight, and strong. It also dries at a considerably faster rate than other materials like cotton, up to 8 times faster, actually.
  • 100 Night Trial-Tuft lets you keep the mattress for a full 100 nights to try it out before committing to a purchase.
  • 10-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty-This warranty is definitely a bit above average for the industry at least.
  • Chat Available-The chat option is available in the bottom left corner if you want to get live text support. Otherwise, there’s a “click here” link there for email, FAQ, or phone options. Their phone is 877-842-2586 and it’s available from 10 am to Midnight during the week.
  • Free Shipping-You can get the mattress sent to you for free, and it’s been compressed into a small box which is only 19 by 19 by 44 inches. This is possible because the mattress has been vacuum sealed. This can also help to preserve it.



Tempurpedic is one of the more recognizable names in luxury mattresses these days, and they definitely tend to be higher-end in terms of features and price.


  • Free Pillow with Mattress Purchase-There are often free deals available through the site, such as giving you a free pillow when you buy a mattress bundle along with sheets and a protector.
  • Free Shipping for $100 Orders-Most of the mattresses you buy on the site are going to be at least this much, so this is certainly an advantage when looking at total cost.
  • Free Financing Available-You can get free financing on certain products, such as with the Tempur-Contour Supreme mattress. This gives you 0% APR for 48 months, typically, but you could get up to 60 months, depending on your credit.
  • Free White Glove Delivery-Another thing you get with the big price tag from Tempurpedic mattresses such as the Contour Supreme, is the white glove delivery which will not only bring the mattress to your door and open it up, but they will even get rid of your old mattress and set up the new bed for you.

Head to Head


Loom & Leaf has the Loom & Leaf Memory Foam mattress that goes for around $1000. The site claims that others charge more than $2600 for the same queen sized mattress.

The main Tuft & Needle Mattress is $600 at the Queen size.

The “campus bundle” for Tempurpedic is $447 which includes a twin mattress, sheets, and a mattress protector. You also get a pillow as well. The higher-end luxury mattresses include the Tempur-Contour Supreme which is $2200 or so just for the mattress. You can also add bases and bed frames as well as mattress protectors to the cost as well though, if you want.


Loom & Leaf has the huge 75-day trial going for it in terms of features This is a great way to be sure you like a mattress before committing. They also have some strong support features like the live chat option available in the form of a grey box in the bottom right. The chat will actually just come up after a while, which can be a bit startling.

Tuft & Needle one-ups Loom & Leaf when it comes to their trial since Tuft offers 100 nights instead of the 75 that you get from Loom. Tuft & Needle also offers a 10 year warranty. The company also makes their mattresses in the United States, which is a benefit for some people who want to be patriotic. Tuft definitely uses less foam than Tuft, but since Tuft uses a full 5 pounds, this is to be expected.

Tempurpedic mattresses are often several times more expensive than other mattress for the luxury options. They do have extra features that come with the price tag though, such as the 15 year warranty. Tempurpedic has a lot of free extras such as antimicrobial treatment to repel dust mites, or their free white glove delivery service.  They even have a free sample available if you click on the “request free sample” link from the main page. This will give you a sample of the material so you can get a sense for how soft it is in general.

Overall, Tuft has the best features for trying out mattresses since there’s lasts for 100 nights, whereas this is 90 with Tempurpedic and only 75 from Loom & Leaf. 

Promo codes are offered for these top mattress companies at sites like PromoCodeWatch, Retailmenot, and Groupon.

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